Es tiempo de crear una conexión emocional online

Un estudio de Forrester sobre Emotional  Experience Design dice que al crear una web, no solo hay que investigar sobre las necesidades relacionadas con las compra sino con las necesidades emocionales de los usuarios para ayudarles a resolver sus problemas y conseguir lo que están buscando. “The mother of a newborn with stomach problems isn’t going to a site for information about medication; she’s looking for a way to bring comfort to her baby — and maybe get a little relief for herself. If firms want to engage customers, their sites must cater to these deeper customer needs..”

Significa diseñar no solo una web funcional sino emocional, que tome en cuenta el contexto y necesidades emocionales del usuario

As consumers increasingly look to connect with companies online, lackluster Web experiences will damage many brands. But better functional design won’t solve the problem. Instead, Forrester recommends that companies master the three principles of a new approach that we call Emotional Experience Design (EED): Address customers’ real goals, develop a coherent personality, and engage a mix of senses. Firms can get started by focusing their research on uncovering users’ emotional needs, capturing emotional feedback in testing, and charting a course to Experience-Based Differentiation (EBD).

Creating interactions that engage users by catering to their emotional needs.

[Visto en Customer Experience Matters]

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