After a long time I’ve decided to start posting again. This time I won’t just quote what I’ve found interesting. My goal is to collect my thoughts and key learning points. The aim is to reflect on the multiple things that I read every week. I’m an information addict, there is so much out there to read that I could spend hours and hours downloading papers and presentations, bookmarking articles, adding books to my amazon wish list, saving ebooks on my kindle or iBook apps, and then a lot more hours reading at least some of them.

This year I’ve decided to spend less time in reading and more time in gathering my learnings and sharing them with others.

I’ll write about topics that I’m passionate about such as digital strategy, user experience design, design research, strategic design, design thinking and problem solving, service design, customer experience, innovation, co-creation, creativity, visual thinking, coaching, empathy, online marketing, lean UX, digital trends and many other related topics.

If you happen to land on my blog, feel free drop me a line, it will be great to hear your thoughts.