I am dedicated to creating successful experiences through friendly interfaces that bridge the gap between the needs of the user and the objectives of the business. I attempt to humanize the technology and to create experiences that generate maximum user satisfaction and pleasure. For each and every client I am able to give the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last 16 years working for interactive projects with multidisciplinary teams within many different sectors including telecommunications, government, banking and insurance, travel, and many other areas of commerce.

My vision which is based on my knowledge in design, marketing, usability and information architecture, is to create solutions focused on realistic projects and to generate a return of investment for the client. I am very proactive with great analysis capacity and the ability to manage projects and teams in order to reach the set objectives and quality.

I am passionate about technology but the challenge I enjoy most is to approach the technology from the user’s perspective. Empathy, analysis and constant investigation are just some of the tools I use to understand the user and to bring the projects to the highest possible user’s satisfaction.

Design strategy, service design, co-creation, creative workshops, customer experience, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), User interface Design, Information Design, Multimedia, e-Learning, Interactive Branding & Marketing, User Experience, Usability Consulting.

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