Why go and how to choose a UX grad program

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Hey there folks, I just posted something to another blog and thought people might like a pointer to it. The comment is in response to a posting about whether grad school is worth it and choosing a proper program. In general, OK-Cancel, just rocks, but I really liked this article in particular. Go to the article to see my comment. Be sure to check out the comic as well.
As I write this I think it would be worthwhile to categorize a list of schools that have programs worth looking at around the world:
Well, I’m going to Pratt Institute, so it must be good. (There are too many Industrial Design Schools to mention.)
Carnegie Mellon has both HCI and Interaction Design Programs
Stanford seems to just allow students to mix and match. Someone recently wrote a bit on the IxDG Discussion List about their experience as an undergrad at Stanford. (As a Cal grad, obviously, I would only post this because I really beleive they are offering something special.)
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
University College London’s Interaction Centre (UCLIC)
Institute of Design, @ the Illinois Institute of Technology
Royal College of Art
There also seem to be many many other programs throughout Europe especially in Scandanavia and Holland of which I can’t remember enough of their names to do a google on them right now.
Posted by: dave on 19-Sep-2004 7:00 pm

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