Thesaurus software used by Getty Research Institute

WebChoir is revolutionary information organizing and searching tool that enables information professionals to create and manage sophisticated data classification systems. It is a completely web-based editorial support system for managing and maintaining controlled vocabularies, classifications and thesauri, whether imported or created in-house. TermChoir can import any controlled vocabulary or data source, regardless of format, and allow easy maintenance and navigation of its structure.

The TermChoir organization and search mechanisms may be based upon either pre-defined standards or a customized, user-defined structure. TermChoir is open, scalable, secure, flexible, and multi-lingual. It supports most popular platforms and databases. Users access TermChoir either via client/server connectivity or through Internet/intranet/extranet web browser access.

TermChoir allows commercial information producers to package their intellectual property for ultimate customization by their end users, whether those end users are employees or licensed subscribers. Information architects, interface designers and information licensees then can customize their own information subject categories and classification systems, thereby creating unique, new and searchable work product and databases that originate from the pre-existing licensed vocabularies.

Recomendado por Fred Leise <> en la lista de Sigia-l
He said “WebChoir is what the Getty Research Institute uses to maintain its large thesauri.”

Fred LeisePrincipal and OwnerContextualAnalysis,

Kenneth Bryson wrote:>
Hi there, Any recommendations on good, usable, thesaurus software? I’ve seen Multites, but I don’t think you can import terms WITH relationships or even hierachical structures to that software. Anybody know of any>software that can do this?

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