What is SUMI?

What is SUMI?

The Software Usability Measurement Inventory is a rigorously tested and proven method of measuring software quality from the end user’s point of view.

SUMI is a consistent method for assessing the quality of use of a software product or prototype, and can assist with the detection of usability flaws before a product is shipped.

It is backed by an extensive reference database embedded in an effective analysis and report generation tool

SUMI consists of 50 statements to which the user has to reply that they either Agree, Don’t Know, or Disagree.

Here are some example statements:

Item No. Item Wording

1. This software responds too slowly to inputs.

3. The instructions and prompts are helpful.

13. The way that system information is presented is clear and understandable.

22. I would not like to use this software every day.

You may also take a look at a sample questionnaire (UK wording) in pdf format,

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