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The Guild of Accessible Web Designers – GAWDS
Guru accessible web design articles and tips

Accessible web design Gurus spread the word.
Automated testing – How useful is it? A discussion about the value of automated testing and it’s role within web accessibility auditing.
Content Management Systems and Web Standards When CMS vendors are constantly repositioning their products to align them with the latest buzz-words and industry fashions, it’s easy to be deflected from concentrating on the most basic, but important issues – like ensuring that the resulting web pages will work on the web browsers of visitors to your site.
Your UK business website and the Disability Discrimination Act. A FAQ for UK Businesses about accessible web design and the Disability Discrimination Act.
Don’t use the statistics defence as a reason to exclude people from your content Arguments against the ‘statistics defence’ for excluding users from accessing content of a website, e.g., ‘we don’t worry if our content is not accessible to someone who uses Netscape 4 because there as so few Netscape 4 users these days’.
What is an accessible website?
Technology for all of us
10 basic tests to check your website for accessibility Want to check if your website is accessible? Run through these ten quick and easy tests and find out!
Web accessibility and the law in the UK: Is Your Website Legal? Since 1999 websites have been required to be accessible to visually impaired and disabled Internet users under the Disability Discrimination Act. Find out what your legal obligations are.
How disabled users access the Internet Different groups of people have unique needs when accessing websites. Find out what these are in this informative article.
Accessible Information Technology – A case study: Part 1 The first part of a case study involving an innovative and prize winning high accessibility IT project.
Accessible Information Technology – A case study: Part 2 The second part of a case study involving an innovative and prize winning high accessibility IT project.
Assistive Technology: Keyboards And Other Input Alternatives How can a normal keyboard be adapted? What keyboard alternatives are available?
Assistive Technology: Braille and Low Vision Aids Additional hardware and software that may be utilised by visually impaired users.
Assistive Technology: Alternative Pointing Devices Not everyone can use a standard mouse…
Assistive Technology: Other Aids Assistive technology extends well beyond screen readers and large keyboards.
Quick Accessibility Checks Basic quick tests for some of the main Checkpoints within the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
A beginners introduction to standard markup and accessibility What do we mean when we talk about standard markup – and how is it related to accessibility?
Writing good ALT text

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